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About Wine Tasting and Winery Visits:


It's always best to call ahead if you're planning a winery visit. Some wineries change there hours quite regularly, they may be hosting a private party or special event which necessitates closing their public tasting area. There's nothing worse than driving quite a distance and finding the winery closed to public tastings.

We have worked very hard to provide the most accurate information available. We have also included some very small wineries that others do not include. Many of these offer tastings by appointment only, so again please be sure to call ahead. Included in our list of wineries are also producers of hard ciders and meads. After all hard cider is basically an apple wine and mead a honey wine. Fruit wines such as, cranberry, blueberry and pear are also popular, especially in northern New England. So please check that the winery you are planning to visit produces a type of wine you like or at least something you would like to try.

There are new wineries opening all the time and there are, unfortunately, one's that close. So please if you find a new winery or you know of one that has closed or if you should find additional information, that you would like to share, about an existing winery please email us,So that we can keep our information accurate and up-to-date for all to enjoy.

Our Goal:

To provide accurate and up-to-date information about New England wines and wineries. We do not intend to review wines. But rather to promote our local New England wineries, vineyards and wines. Different people enjoy different wines. While some may prefer Chardonnays aged in oak others enjoy a good glass of apple cranberry. It's all very subjective, so what we hope to do is promote the experience, not the individual wine.

More Than wines:

With so many wineries and local wines to choose from, good information is hard to come by. When we first started taking an interest in New England wineries we found that not all the information, we were looking for, existed in one place. If we picked a winery to visit, we would also have to search the web for someplace to dine or get a quick snack. We would also look for other things to do in the area, that would make it a fun day out. So our idea was born. A website that contained information not only on wineries, but also on places to eat and things to do close by them.

Help us:

We would love to hear from you. With so many wines and wineries to choose from it's hard to be everywhere at once. So we would appreciate your feedback and insight. Tell us about your latest visit to one of our local New England wineries and we may include it on the site. Email us with any information you may have and help us keep the site up to date. Specifically here's the kind of information that were looking for:

  • New wineries that have recently opened.
  • Wineries that have unfortunately closed.
  • Tasting room hours and costs.
  • Restaurants that you've enjoyed in the area near the winery.
  • Other things to do close by the winery and points of interest that you may have visited.

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